Classic turner
I can use my experience well in my work!
I work not only with a standard turning machine but also with cylindrical grinders, surface grinders, and milling machines. I have not learned everything yet and I my employer gives me the oppertunity to learn much more.
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CNC horizontal miller
Yver found the right specialist for the job in me!
A couple of days later, I was already working with the horizontal milling machine independently. Since the work is to a great extent similar to the work I did at my previous employer, I can use the knowledge and experience that I possess.
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CNC carousel turner
Yver took care of finding a nice job and housing!
Yver ensured that my workplace was located in the vicinity of my home, which is a beautiful, tidy, new house. It therefore takes me only a couple of minutes to arrive at work—a job that is exciting and requires a lot of overtime.
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Accommodation and support
When the employee arrives in The Netherlands for the first time, Yver employees will meet them right away. Together they will arrange certain matters, for example, apply for a Citizen Service Number (BSN) and submit a request to open a bank account. Together they will also get acquainted with the area, co-workers, and other residents of the house. Yver' houses are very spacious. Accommodation f...

Our clients notice a shortened training period and reduced downtime, quality and productivity improves.
Arnoud Stolk
Yver B.V.
Looking for a well trained specialist in metal industry or automotive?
Yver recruits professionals. Men and women which excell in their field. Specialists which are well trained and motivated to perform above average. If you want to experience the seamless match Yver makes for its clients don't hesitate and contact us.